Open up your space to the beauty of Eclipse! This captivating wall art sculpture brings elements of classic mid century modern art into any home or office, creating an eye catching presence that’s sure to draw attention. Eclipse is distinctively designed to engage the viewer and create a conversation piece that sparks immeasurable amounts of creativity. Its cutting edge, modern design provides awe inspiring visuals that will elevate any room. Let this majestic sculpture become a statement piece in your home today!

Eclipse-Mid Century Modern art

The modern expression of art that turns walls into a work of art. In this contemporary wall sculpture, classic mid century modern forms come to life in brilliant color and texture for you to engage with and enjoy.

Eclipse is more than an eye-catching sculpture – it engages viewers like no other wall art can. Its uniquely designed shapes draw in the viewer, allowing each one to have their own unique experience and interpretation of the piece. Light and shadows play across the geometric shapes, accentuating them even further while creating a striking scene in any space.

Mid Century Modern style wall sculptures

Eclipse is ideal for homeowners looking to add something special to their space, as well as interior designers and decorators searching for a statement piece with character. Ready to transform your house into inviting home? Take home Eclipse today!